Here’s what Andrew Garfield feels working with Tobey Maguire

In the Marvel movie Spiderman: No Way Home, Tobey Maguire reprised his role as Spiderman after more than a year. Fans were overjoyed to see the OG slay once more on camera.

To keep the party going, Andrew Garfield shared what occurred behind the scenes while working with Tobey in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.

Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire

During the interview, Tobey was asked if he needed to be reminded not to look directly at the cameras now that he had focused his attention to producing for some time. “He took a little bit of a vacation from acting for a while, much to my dismay, because I’m such a huge fan of him as an actor,” Andrew snickered. He went on to say, “It was incredible to be able to witness him working on a film set as an actor again, especially in that role. I grew up watching Tobey in that role, and he’s such an important element of that character for me, not to mention a fan of his work.”

Garfield stated that they had a great experience working with director Jon Watts. They were merely brainstorming and came up with an equation between the three spidermen during their workshop before they even started filming. “We were throwing ideas around of what the relationship could develop into, what the dynamic could be, what the feeling towards each other is, and what the journey of that is when we first see each other versus when we part ways,” he said.

Andrew stated that it did not feel like a movie set, but rather, “It had a safe feeling to it. It was a strange situation. We didn’t feel like we were working on a major Spider-Man movie. It felt very, very playful as if we were two buddies shooting a Spider-Man short film and saying to ourselves, “Wouldn’t this be cool?””

Andrew Garfield Admits Lying

In a recent interview, Andrew Garfield revealed that when a fan approaches him in public, he often pretends not to be himself. It’s easy to believe Garfield is often contacted by admirers. Garfield has been in the public eye since co-starring with Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network in 2011.

He was cast as the primary protagonist of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man series shortly after, cementing his place in Hollywood.

Garfield believes that the passion with which someone approaches him shows if they are looking for “the Andrew Garfield they’re looking for” or whether they are interested in meeting him as a genuine person. Garfield claims that if a fan requests an elevated version of him, he is not deceiving them about his identity because he is just a regular guy. Garfield’s point of view is easy to understand. Many fans of an actor who has appeared in so many successful projects as Garfield may have their own ideas about who he is that do not correspond to the guy himself.

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