Here’s The Total Amount Amount Of Money Logan Paul Spent On NFTs So Far

Logan Paul is not just a YouTuber but also an ace investor, marketer, and professional boxer. Jumping on the crypto and blockchain trend in 2021, Logan Paul has made a fortune by investing into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Non-Fungible Tokens, simply put, are digital artworks that are owned by one person and the owner’s name is registered on a blockchain ledger. Logan Paul has been so fascinated by NFTs this year that he went on to launch his own project named CryptoZoo.

However, CryptoZoo also came under fire by the fans that accused Logan Paul of scamming the masses with the CryptoZoo NFT drop.

‘Began Collecting NFTs This Year’

Now, the YouTuber has revealed the total amount of money he spent on NFTs in 2021. Taking to his Twitter handle, he put out a tweet that showed his total purchases of NFTs this year. And guess what? It was a massive amount!

Logan Paul spent a combined total of $2.645 million on Non-Fungible Tokens. He captioned the tweet “began collecting NFTs this year… – acquired 139 total – spent $2.645M – first collection: @worldofwomennft”

In the past when Logan Paul paid insane amount of money to acquire NFTs, he took to his Twitter handle to say “I know it’s ridiculous but it’s digital history and I think they’re pretty cool.”

Rare Pokemon Cards

Logan Paul has also recently spent $3.5 million on a rare 1st edition base set of Pokemon cards. He is an open supporter of Pokemon cards and even wore a Beckett 10 rated Charizard during his walkout against Floyd Mayweather.

The YouTuber also said that he would giveaway few of the cards from his latest bunch to some of his lucky viewers.

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