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Here’s how the new Asian rapper X Li shot to fame in Toronto

X Li is a growing name when it comes to the rappers in North York, Toronto. Coming from mainland China, the talented Asian rapper is slowly making his way to the top.

He started attracting eyeballs first when he got his Ferrari wrapped in Pink back in 2016. Since then he has owned a fleet of luxury cars like Ferrari 458, Ferrari F12, Ferrari 488 Spider, McLaren 650s, McLaren MP4-12C and Maserati GTMC. His fascination for supercars gained him a lot of traction and a circle of friends with similar interests.

After gaining popularity with his cars, X Li started working on his music. Integrating Asian culture and bringing a new side of hip-hop beats gained him recognition. Currently, he is the only hip-hop artist in North America who has made a name while coming from a different continent altogether.

It was early in May this year when X Li had released his single Wangleta which got an amazing response from the audience. In the very first week of the release, the song received over 100,000 hits on social media.

His unique fusion style along with his luxury cars has gained him a huge number of followers within a very short span of time. His first music video Luxury Pain clearly shows his love for luxury cars. The video already has more than 400,000 views on YouTube.

His music journey too has been really interesting Even though X Li faced linguistic hurdles, he went on to impress people with his talent. While initially he could only express himself in Mandarin, the rapper later became fluent in English as well. It resulted in X Li creating hit singles like In The Night and Luxury Pain, the latest one being Wangleta.

X Li’s success is an answer to all those who doubted him and his talent. His skills have not only earned him respect, but also a huge amount of recognition amongst the people. Coming from an Asian country, he has become a known name in North York with such an elite friend circle. The Toronto-based artist plans to continue making music as he is working on his upcoming album.

Checkout X Li’s Luxury Pain Music Video:


To find out more about X Li follow him on Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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