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Here’s how Iulia Vantur reacts when asked about marrying Salman Khan!

It has been rumoured for a long time that the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been dating the Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur!

Iulia Vantur is currently living with Salman Khan in his farmhouse in Panvel. Along with the two of them, there are many others, who are stuck there due to the lockdown.

It was recently in a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, when the Romanian beauty was asked about marrying Salman. She laughed and said, “Oh God! This question goes on and on and on. I think it is more about how people feel about each other. Spending time together is more important than any other stuff. At one point, I was asked the same question on and on and on.”


Adding on how she gets the same question from her parents, Iulia said, “Even my parents were asking me, ‘When you are going to get married?’ I said, ‘Mom, do you want me to be happy or just get married?’ Because to get married just like that… I can get married to someone tomorrow, you know. That was the last time she ever asked me about this. I think it is more important to be happy with someone, spend quality time, and have a connection… Spending your life with someone, more than papers and all those things.”

Well, Salman’s fans have been waiting to see him married for a very long time now. But the actor doesn’t seem to be getting married anytime soon!

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