Here is Why has Rihanna and A$AP Rockey Haven’t Revealed Their Son to World

Here is Why Rihanna and A$AP Rockey Haven’t Revealed Their Son to World

Rihanna’s pregnancy had grabbed a lot of attention from the fans. While it has been several months Rihanna and A$AP Rockey’s son was born. The first photographs and neither the name of the baby boy is revealed yet.  Reportedly the singer had given birth to her baby boy on May 13, in Los Angeles. The singer while on the other hand had flaunted her baby bump throughout her pregnancy. The singer is embracing her motherhood and the sources have revealed that the singer and her partner are enjoying their life as the parents. The Singer even got back to Fenty beauty after giving birth. 

It is seen that the singer has not revealed her baby boy’s name whereas a source had revealed that the name of the baby boy is only known by the close family members. The source had revealed that the couple wants to keep it a secret and would share it with the world as they are ready.

Rihanna Wants to Keep Her Son’s Name Private

The close source of the singer has also revealed that, “Rihanna is extremely protective of her baby and she’s only let a select group of close friends and family meet him.” “With a few exceptions, Rihanna hasn’t been the type to share much of her personal life on social media.”

The source had also revealed that, though the singer has plenty of help around her at all times, but she is not relying on nannies to help raise her son. Despite on the other hand A$AP has faced legal issues but the couple is thriving while embracing parenthood together. A source had also revealed that, “Rihanna has seen whole different side of Rocky that she’s never known. She’s fallen even more in love with him since they welcomed their son into this world and she cherishes every moment of seeing Rocky and their son bonding.”

While a report also claims that the singer is reportedly planning to raise her baby in Barbados rather than in LA. It is seen that Rihanna does not want her new-born baby to be exposed to paparazzi or flashing lights.


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