Henry Cavill Gets A New Role In Amazon’s Warhammer 40000

Henry Cavill is one of the most versatile actors in the Hollywood industry. He got no shortage of big directors offering him some of the best roles. Recently it was announced that Henry will no longer be playing the role of Superman. Fans were quite upset with the decision, as his potential return teased in the Black Adam film got them all excited. But now there is no lefts hope, as even Henry has announced his departure from DC.

Not just that but he has also bid adieu to the Netflix series Witchers. But now Henry Cavill has been offered a new role by Amazon Prime and he has expressed his thoughts on it via post. As per the announcement he will be appearing in a new sci-fi game adaptation named Warhammer 40000. Expressing his gratitude towards the franchise, Henry reveals that he always dreamt of seeing the video game in live action.

Henry believes that he has what it takes i.e skills & experience to lead the Warhammer universe. He further expresses his gratefulness towards Amazon studios. Also, he promises to the audience to bring something amazing that has never been seen. Have a look at his post below.

It would be great to see Henry Cavill taking on a completely different role this time in a live-action video game adaptation.

Speaking of Henry’s exit from DC, recently he shared a post explaining that he won’t be superman anymore. He reveals that he was supposed to come back as the Kryptonite and was even told to announce this news in October. But prior to his hire, he was fired from the role. Although he is out of DC, he wished the best to James Gunn & Peter.


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