“He Is Amazing”: Kris Jenner Praises Pete Davidson In The Kardashians

The most talked about couple in the town Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson are no longer together. But seems like the Kardashian family was quite happy with their relationship when it existed. The Kardashians season 2 is already out, and a new episode is here with some interesting drama & revelations.

In the new episode, the family was having a good chat about Pete’s Space trip, which eventually didn’t happen. The reason was due to his scheduling issues, the plan to go to space was dropped out. In the new episode, Kris Jenner is eager to ask some questions to Pete related to the Space Trip he was supposed to go on.

Pete Davidson calls Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner starts asking him questions about the space trip like did he feel nervous, is the will prepared in case of some problems, and so on. Further, Kris Jenner finally opened up about she feels about Kim & Pete’s relationship and whether is Pete a good fit in the family.

Kris Jenner says ” Pete is Amazing. No drama, no stress, he’s just Pete.” The momager thinks he fits in well with the family. She reveals with Pete Davidson, Kim is happy, laughs, and is confident as well. She thinks the SNL actor “brings out the best in her “.

There Is No One Like Pete Davidson

In a chat with Mel Ottenberg, who is the editor-in-chief of the Interview Magazine spoke about having Pete Davidson one day for a cover shoot.

At the end of the conversation, the editor made a joke about (Big d*** energy). The first name that came to her mind to suggest was none other than Kim’s ex Pete Davidson for a future shoot for Interview Magazine.

To which, Kim responded, ” He’s a cutie.” She called Pete Davidson to be “literally such a good person”. The SKIMS founder complimented him saying, ” They don’t really make them like him anymore.”

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