HBO Max show- Starstruck is renewed for a new season

After a hit success, the HBO rom-com show makers couldn’t resist but to deliver the fans a Season 3 of the eccentric comedy show Starstruck after receiving a wonderful audience reaction. The series creators have announced that the show is renewed for a new season and that the previous writer of the series Rose Matafeo will be back for writing the episodes for the upcoming season. According to the reports, Matafeo and Simpson will also be directing a few of the episodes.

This web series first premiered in 2021 starring Matafeo and Nikesh Patel. It scored 100% on the Rotten tomatoes and 92% on critics. The overall show received a good reaction from the audience and Matafeo also got nominated for the BAFTA award for Female Performance in a Comedy Programme along with National Comedy Award 2021 for Best Breakthrough Artist.

Evidently, the show received the recognition it deserved for its frolic and humorous plot, with a touch of romance to it. The fans couldn’t resist but to get more of this show.

Upon being asked if there will be a season 3 of the show, Rose responded- “A third? Sure. Fine. I’m truly thrilled to bring this incredibly talented cast back for a third installment and equally excited to clamber into the director’s seat alongside my nice friend Alice Snedden who I cannot seem to get rid of.”

Praising the show, the Head of Original Content at HBO Max Sarah Aubrey said-“Rose has created a show that strikes just the right balance of heart and humor. STARSTRUCK is exactly the kind of rom-com that we love at HBO Max, and we are so happy to see Jessie and Tom’s story continue.”

However, the official date of release and the storyline of the show has not yet been announced. But the fans can expect a new season of the show to be coming soon on the streaming platform, and also hope for it to deliver the same kind of humor and romance as they have witnessed in the first two seasons of the show.

About Starstruck

It is based on the lives of a couple Jesse and Tom played by Matafeo and Nikesh Patel respectively. It narrates the story of how the couple is trying to maintain a balance between both extreme ends- their career and relationship. The story depicts the lives of two individuals, who strive hard to find a balance in their relationship without having to stay apart from each other. It shows how they are navigating through their lives by dealing with the complications in their romantic life along with managing a job they are unhappy with.

The show is produced by Avalon Television, and also stars Emma Sidi. You can find the first two seasons streaming on HBO Max.

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