Hawkeye Character Teases His MCU Return

Hawkeye Character Teases MCU Return

Hawkeye fans would instantly know their fan-favorite character played by Tony Dalton. He portrayed Jack Duquesne, aka Swordsman in the MCU series spin-off. The character was actually set up as the villain initially, but as the episodes went by, he became a fan favorite.

Jack quickly proved to be on the good side and he made his way into the hearts of many fans. Tony recently revealed a bit more about his role and how he has been typically cast as the villain in recent years.

He talked about how his history with Lalo and other characters has forced him to play a hitman for four years. The actor established how it’s difficult to have a good image for his characters in such circumstances.

Further talked with DiscussingFilm he compared Jack to his character in What Lies Beneath. He shared that Harrison Ford has always been a good guy but he is the bad guy in that one and nobody sees it coming. Dalton said how they did the same thing in Hawkeye but in reverse.

He further talked about his future in the MCU as he said he is open to returning if Marvel wants him to. Tony shared, “Of course, I would do that role again. It was fun. It’s nice to be the good guy for a change,” the actor added. “[Jack Duquesne] is a completely different character than Lalo and it’s a whole different direction.”

The Marvel series is yet to be renewed for a second season. Dalton revealed he cannot talk about future plans but one never knows how a show would do. He shared how great it has been to see Hawkeye being received so warmly.

Dalton also expressed his excitement to see Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop go on her journey. He said, “And yes, I loved walking on the streets of the MCU and would gladly enjoy doing it again.”

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