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Harry Styles To Open Grammys Awards With Performance

Grammy Awards telecast on Sunday will be opening with a performance by none other than, Harry Styles. He is also nominated for three awards for the award ceremony.

The CBS executive VP of specials, music, and live events, Jack Sussman said the audience doesn’t want to miss the “top of the show”. He further said that it is going to be music coming to the audience “heavy and hard”. The VP added, “We’ve got Harry Styles, this incredible entertainer, at the top of the show and we’ll just keep coming at you.”

Their hope with it is that this will give the audience a kick right from the start of the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony. Harry is under the category of Best Pop Solo for “Watermelon Sugar”, Best Pop Vocal Album, “Fine Line” and best music video “Adore You”.

He has delivered several superhit singles, but his latest album has sold almost 2.5 million units since its release back in December 2019. According to Alpha Data, more than 20,000 were moved just last week which increased the gain by 11%.

Ben Winston, Grammycast executive producer has been working with artists for months on end to bring together a show that is “extremely ambitious”. It is also reported that the cameras will be moving around through the live performance spaces that were previously held in Los Angeles Convention Center. It has been moved to an outdoor air tent in the plaza of L.A. Some of the performance will also be pre-recorded.

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Grammys To Have Short Films For Nominees

Jack also revealed that they wanted to do it right for the artists because it has been a tough year. He said, “This is a moment in time for these artists to get out on stage and connect with fans who have been starving for these kinds of moments. We have a wonderful group of diverse musical talent — some of the best live performers on the planet.”

The VP is expecting seismic activity in downtown L.A. when K-pop sensation, BTS takes the stage. However, he declined to give further hints for their performance other than the obvious fact that fans will not be disappointed. “It will be what you really love and want to see BTS do,” Sussman hints. “They’re going to have fun and engage the audience at home. They’ll get you up on your feet in your living room.”

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the past 12 months have had a big impact on planning this year’s show. Jack has been arranging Grammy moments for two decades and he shared less stress when getting talent on board to perform. He said it has been easier to deal with the artists because they all know what we are going through. “Everybody’s trying to row in the same direction,” shared the VP.

A new element that has been added to the Award ceremony is a series of short films by filmmaker Gibson Hazard. This will be for every record of the year nominees. The short stories are designed to tell stories behind the songs and the backstory of the artists who might not be as familiar to all viewers.

Jack shared that Doja Cat, nominated for Say So can be an example of an “unbelievably talented” newcomer. The short films will be striving to provide some information about these nominees so people know who they are before they walk on stage.

First-time Grammy host Trevor Noah, moonlighting from Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” also induces a freshness to the telecast. “He’s amped-up, he can’t wait to get out there,” Sussman says. “He’s the perfect host for the Grammys in 2021.”

The Grammy Awards air live on CBS from the Los Angeles Convention Center at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on Sunday, March 14.

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