Harry Styles ‘signs a five-movie deal with Marvel Studios worth $100 million’ to revise his Eternal’s character Eros

Harry Styles makes his Marvel debut in the 2021 action/fantasy film Eternals with a brief cameo. He is now ready to return to the cinematic world on a far greater scale, having allegedly inked a five-film contract with Marvel Studios.

The musician is reportedly slated to reprise his role as Eros, also known as Starfox, Thanos’ brother.

“And if that is the case, the former X Factor star could be pocketing around $100 million (£82 million) for the five” a daily mail report states. A source has informed the said news portal that Marvel had Harry in their sights for around 18 months, explaining: ‘Not only is he the biggest pop star of the moment, his star is so huge it transcends just film and music.

“Harry has the midas touch and will be a huge deal bringing in different demographics and showing older comic book fans his talent. Certainly for Harry the deal is enormous. The money on the table for him to appear in a Starfox solo film would be astronomical – pun intended. And of course with each film, the wages rise.”

‘So should he keep playing the role for five projects, it is no understatement to say he could be looking at £40m and higher for a long term run,’ explained the source.

Kevin Feige Responds To Questions Regarding Harry Style’s Return to Marvel

Following the SDCC presentation, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke with MTV News about the MCU’s future and how Harry Styles fits in.

Feige confirmed that fans would “soon” learn more about Harry Styles’ return. He added, “The adventures of Eros and Pip is something that is very exciting for us. You’re talking about Ghost Rider, we’ve got Blade, we’ve got Doctor Strange with the supernatural angles, we’ve got the street level with our announcement of Daredevil and, of course, Spidey, and cosmic, and that’s where our friends Eros and Pip live.”

Following the premiere of Eternals, director Chloé Zhao addressed her reasoning for casting Harry Styles as Eros in the MCU.

Harry as Eros was very much a package deal for me,” the director told Deadline. “I pitched the idea of Pip the Troll and Eros to Kevin [Feige] a while back, and I love the idea of exploring an Eternal who is beyond Titan and who may have influenced Thanos throughout the years the same way Eternals influenced us, earthlings.”

Zhao added, “And then, it wasn’t like I suggested Eros, and let’s go find actors. I kept tabs on Harry since Dunkirk. I thought he was very interesting. After meeting him, I realized he is that character — the same way I cast the rest of my cast. There’s so much of Eros in him. For me, if he says yes, and Kevin says yes, then it’s a go. And I’m very happy they both did.”


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