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Harry Styles Postpones His World Tour Again

Harry Styles has postponed his world tour once again. The singer revealed via his social media account that all of his 2020 Love On Tour shows would be delayed.

The world tour has been postponed because of the ongoing global pandemic. Harry said he hopes that he will be able to perform on his 2021 dates. He said everybody’s health and safety is the top priority.

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Harry tweeted: “Everyone’s health and safety remains our top priority, which is why I, unfortunately, have to postpone all 2020 shows in South America, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand until further notice.” The singer adds that he will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and months.

Harry tells his fans that he cannot wait to see all of them as soon as it is safe to do so. The announcement to postpone his world tour comes after three months of postponing the North America leg of the tour. The singer had to postpone his tour, Love On Tour, back in June for the summer. It is supposed to kick off on August 14 and wrap on October 31, 2021, due to the ‘ongoing threat from Covid-19’.

However, during this time of isolation, the singer has shifted his focus to become a better ally for Black people. He has vowed to listen and educate himself on how he can help more in the fight for justice and equal rights. This comes after George Floyd’s death following the Black Lives Matter Movements and Protests around the world.

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“We Are In A Moment Of Necessary Change In The World” -Harry

In a powerful statement shared with his social media at the time, Harry wrote: “This summer we were excited to be bringing Love On Tour to North America”. He continued that due to the Covid-19 threat, they have been forced to reschedule for the next summer of 2021.

Harry wrote, “The well-being of my crew and all the fans around the world will always hold top priority. I can’t wait to see you all out on the road, as soon as it’s safe to do so. We are in a moment of necessary change and growth in the world. I will be using this time to listen and to educate myself on how I can help more in the fight for justice and equal rights for all in the future. I hope that you will take the time to do the same. Treat people with kindness. I love you all. H (sic)”

Nick Grimshaw has sparked fury online by tweeting Harry to not come to Brazil. This comes after Harry had to postpone his tour in South America. The DJ did not specify coronavirus on his tweet which met with a lot of backlash from fans.

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Many of the fans took offense as Brazil has a high death rate from Covid-19. Nick replied on Harry’s post of postponing the tour by keeping the safety in mind. He said, ‘Can’t come to Brazil.’ A few Twitter users pointed out that it seems that the DJ is poking fun at Harry’s fans because they always tell him to come to Brazil.

However, this did not please other fans. They said his comments were insensitive due to the high rate of coronavirus deaths and millions of cases in the country. One user said: “So no one is gonna realize he’s making a joke of the ppl who constantly say ‘come to brazil’? why would he make a joke about brazil’s current situation??”

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Last week Brazil became the second country to reach four million cases of coronavirus amid hopes that infections are starting to slow.

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