Harry Styles Has Co-Created a Gucci Collection

It was just a matter of time until Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, and pop sensation Harry Styles collaborated on a collection. Longtime friends, the two became closer when Michele took over as head of the home and Styles launched his astoundingly successful solo career.

Throughout their individual rises to fame, they remained encircled by each other — Styles has appeared in many Gucci commercials and is a frequent wearer of the brand (in fact, news of the collaboration emerged the day after he headlined Wembley Stadium, clad, obviously, in Gucci.) Michele, on the other hand, has praised his “incredible sense of fashion.”. 

More about the Collection

“HA HA HA is the serial crasis of the initials of ‘Harry’ and ‘Alessandro’, but it is also the onomatopoeic sound of the written essence of an emoji, the ‘laughing face’,” said Gucci. The collection’s title, HA HA HA, is a twist on Harry and Alessandro’s initials, as well as the manner they’ve usually signed off their communications to one another throughout the years.

The As It Was singer has become a symbol for Michele’s delicate, genderless perspective, so it was only natural that the 28-year-old gave his creativeness to an internet-breaking duet.

The collection, which was unveiled during the male show in Milan, comprises wacky yet classic English tailoring, vivid camp velvet suits, OTT pleated kilts, and printed silk pyjamas that are all quite the love-child of Harry Styles & Michele.

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