Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Reunites With On-Screen Father, Jason Isaacs

Harry Potter stars, Draco and Lucius Malfoy reunited recently as they played a hilarious game of charades. Tom Felton and his on-screen father, Jason Isaacs came together for a forthcoming Holiday Home Party special with Veeps.

The actor shared it on his social media handle as the former costars were in splits as they competed in a game of charades. They played the game with the help of the mobile game, Heads Up. Jason was the first one to start the game as he was trying to get Tom to guess what he was holding up.

It was a sign which said ‘hippopotamus’ and Jason gave his on-screen son hints about it being a creature that kills more animals than any other in Africa. Tom guessed it was mosquitoes which Jason denied as he said it was the wrong guess.

He then went on: “No, it’s a giant creature. A giant, huge big fat thing that wallows in mud,” and Tom hilariously declared that he had to guess “a dinosaur.” Jason was shocked as he questioned Tom’s outlandish guess. He looked at him and asked him if he was out of his mind.

When it was Tom’s turn, he had to get Jason to guess Shania Twain as he sang the chorus to That Don’t Impress Me Much. However, the actor struggles to make a guess and was forced to pass it on. When Tom revealed what he had passed on, Jason assured that he would not have been able to guess that.

The next card showed Forrest Gump and Tom chose to quote Tom Hanks’ famous line about how “life is like a box of chocolates”. And Jason was quick to guess the right answer and earned a point for himself. In the final round of the game, Tom had to get Jason to guess ‘surfer dude’.

He imitated a surfer to try and get the actor to guess the right term. Tom also adopted an American accent as he said, “Hey man I just want to tear up some, you know…” Jason suggested that Tom was imitating Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted. However, he also, later on, guessed the right answer.

This is not the first time the on-screen father-son duo have come together as the actors took part in Tom’s Home Party back in November. Jason had shared an emotional tribute to Tom when he was celebrating his 33rd birthday.

The actor took to Twitter to post a throwback snap alongside the Draco Malfoy star, as he said Tom was “always a ray of light to me.” Jason had written that he was Jesus’ age and said how he is always a ray of light to him during these strangest of dark days.

He further added, “Thanks for making mischief, music, and magic for this fan (and all the others too). Happiest of Birthday Bonanzas Love ya kid Fake Dad x.” Tom responded to the heartfelt post as he wrote back, “Love you dad x.”


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