Harley Quinn Is Back With Another Trailer, Introduces New Characters

What up Gotham city? Harley and Ivy are back“. Harley Quinn is set to rule the world with its animated adult series and is soon coming to the small screen. HBO Max has dropped the official trailer for Harley Quinn today and fans can’t hold on to their excitement.

Harley Quinn released the teaser last month and many unexpected things have unfolded in the series. It gave us a brief look into the lives of the two best friends Harley and Ivy. Even though it is an animated series, it is known to be a mature series that is meant for the adult audience.

The series has released two seasons of our favorite on-screen devious duo Harley and Ivy. In the trailer, we see an extended Harley Quinn and Poison Iv’s blossoming relationship as well as we will also get to see all the ruckus that will result. HBO has released an interesting trailer that directly communicates to the audience.

Let’s break down the trailer.

In the trailer, the first appears Harley who talks to the audience saying that the trailer editor has burnt the midnight oil to make this trailer and it looks really fun, and Harley is very excited to share it with you. Moving ahead we see Nightwing narrating a brief about Gotham city.

Gotham City is briefly shown, and Nightwing tells us that the city needs a hero like himself to protect it because demons are on the rise and criminals thrive there. However, we predict that won’t happen now that our demeanor pair has arrived. The famous couple Harley and Ivy are coming to visit us in the city.

In the following scene, Harley and Ivy return to the city and meet up with their old acquaintances. Ivy has devised a strategy to terraform Gotham city and they want to reclaim every inch of the human race. Next, we see Joker entering Gotham who is about to bring order to the city as he is running for Mayor.

If you are a Joker fan then be ready to see a new version of him that has been never seen before. Now that is a twist. Joker wants to become a person his family likes and is proud of. His villainy days are behind me.

Gotham City is going green with Ivy’s plan. Harley realizes that her girlfriend Ivy’s plan is only hurting innocent people and is on a mission to save innocent people. Harley has changed, she is not liking Ivy’s plan and seems t be leaving Ivy alone and sets on her own path.

Further, we see the appearance of our yet another favorite DC superhero Batwoman. Harley and Batwoman seem to be teaming up to bring down Ivy’s empire in Gotham. Then we see Harley in hard-core action, defeating the villains. You can check the trailer here.

It would be exciting to watch the romantic step of Harley and Ivy. The show is scheduled to be released in the summer on HBO Max.

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