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Harbhajan Singh’s Spouse Actress Geeta Basra Is Against Vaccination For Pregnant Women – Here’s Why

As long as the government will not allow vaccinations for breastfeeding mothers, and thinks that pregnant women should be vaccinated, doubts and fears about it continue.

While health experts confirm the vaccination can be done, actor Geeta Basra disputes this notion, assuming little is known about the safety of the unborn child and the mother after taking a jab.

What Did Geeta Say?

“There is not enough education in that area. That’s because you can’t do studies on pregnant women. Therefore, it is too early for them to decide up, ”she said.

However, Basra – who is expecting her second child with cricketer husband Harbhajan Singh – has revealed that some doctors recommend that pregnant women be getting their vaccination shot and that she sees it as wrong.

“No government or organization has ever given permission to vaccinate pregnant women. In fact, the gynecologist told me frankly not to get vaccinated, “said Basra, 37, adding,” It’s very dangerous for an unborn baby. We do not know what the results will be in the future. So now, I don’t think anyone would want to risk that. ”

What Are The Experts Saying?

Instead, it’s important for the immediate family of the pregnant women to get the life-saving shot, so “there are less chances of her getting the virus”.

While Basra is not okay with pregnant or breastfeeding women to get vaccinated, experts think differently and call it safer.

“There are no adverse effects of the vaccine in pregnancy, or in breastfeeding mothers.

The antibodies against Covid pass into the breast, thus giving the baby immunity, ”notes gynecologist Sheetal Kaushik, and doctor Gauri Agarwal, adding,” The jab is essential to protect the mother from infection and to spread the word. “

Basra’s Second Baby

Moreover, as the day of Basra’s delivery approaches, she experiences a mixture of emotions, from the joy of welcoming a new member to their family, and the sadness as she will not be able to celebrate a moment with her mother.

Calling the current facts “strange and new”, Basra also feels that it is important to set up a counseling for children, who will meet a different world when they come out after things have become normal.

“It pains my heart to see that kids are missing out on such important years of their childhood. Their childhood is literally being taken away by the pandemic, where they can’t meet their friends, or go to school. My daughter (Hinaya) has never been to school, so she has no idea what it’s all about,” she says.

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