Halsey Accused By Her Child’s Former Nanny For Not Paying Her”Overtime Wages”

Ashley Funches used to work at Halsey’s house as the nanny of her Son Ender. She filed a lawsuit against Halsey for disability discriminating & terminating her because she asked her for an extended time off for medical care. After this, she got no warning or message but was fired directly according to the nanny.

Also, she mentioned about Halsey did not pay her overtime wages at the beginning. Later Funches added that she got paid for overtime an amount of 5000$ when she complained about it, but she didn’t explain to her how she broke down her overtime wages.

Halsey, 27 years old refuses the accusations against her. Her representative responded on her behalf about the allegations that Funches made. The representative said that whatever allegations were made by Funches are baseless & the reason for her termination was not that she asked for leave but something else.

The reason for Funches being fired was even under her care she didn’t supervise Halsey’s child in an unsafe place.

The statement released by Halsey’s representative termed  “the allegations baseless” and “Halsey’s son was left unsupervised in an unsafe location while under the nanny’s care.”

 The representative of Halsey said,” Consequently, while Halsey is both saddened and disappointed by this turn of events, they feel it is important to refute these allegations publicly, as they take ableism and ethical working conditions very seriously. Halsey wants to be absolutely clear that they remain a vocal advocate both against ableism and for ethical working conditions.”

Halsey hired Funches in the year 2021, to take care of her newborn son  Ender. During her employment period, Funches said that she never complained and used to take care of her son without taking any rest but still Halsey use to not pay her overtime wages. Also, Halsey’s representative mentioned that Funches use to be intoxicated even when she used to supervise Halsey’s child.

Funches was fired in March this year and the lawsuit is still going on.

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