Halloween Ends Trailer: A Bloody Battle Between Jamie Lee Curtis & Michael Myers

Fans are awestruck at the first trailer of Halloween Ends as it teases a thrilling final battle between Jamie Lee Curtis & Michael Myers. The makers have released the first teaser trailer of 76 seconds. This upcoming horror film will release on October 15, 2022. Jamie Lee Curtis is in the main lead as a protagonist in the long-running film franchise.

More About ‘Halloween Ends’

The film, Halloween Ends will likely have Jamie Lee playing Laurie Strode, so she might appear as a risk taker. No wonder she appears to be risking everything to avenge her daughter Karen’s death in this trailer.

At the beginning of the trailer, Michael enters a mysterious home. While she is opening a bedroom door, Laurie greets her. Here, Laurie is dressed in an original outfit worn in the film of 1978. Later, she points her gun at her longtime nemesis and she says, “Come on- let’s go”.

In another horrific scene from the film, we are told that ‘their saga ends’ with this movie. Back inside the house, Laurie taunts Michael by saying, “Come and get me motherf***er”. And in the final few seconds, both Laurie and Michael are seen fighting in a dark kitchen.

He’s about to shove her hand in a garbage disposal, but she slams her head back into his face, grabs a knife and stabs his hand. It’s a violent tease for what’s bound to be one amazing movie. Though, fans missed RHOBH star Kyle Richards in the trailer at first glance.

Kyle will come back in the movie s Lindsay Wallace as she first appeared in the 1978 film. Later joined back for 2021’s Halloween Kills. Halloween Ends features Andi Matichak as Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter, Will Patton as deputy Frank Hawkins and Omar Dorsey as Sheriff Barker. Dr Mathis will be played by Michael O’Leary. Halloween Horror Movie Mashup Video Celebrates Scary Movies Of The 2020s

The film production is done in Georgia between January to March this year. So, the film is releasing after four years of Halloween Kills. The film is releasing soon in October. Stay tuned for more!

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