Hailey Bieber Slammed For Talking About Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber Slammed For Talking About Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber has chosen to break her silence about her husband, Justin Bieber, and her dating history. There are rumors ever since they got together that the couple started dating each other whilst Justin was with Selena Gomez.

Justin ended things with Selena in 2018 and got married in the same year. Hailey has now opened up about the situation in the podcast, “Call Her Daddy” with Alexander Cooper. The short clip had the model say that it is about people knowing the truth.

Selena, Justin, and Hailey have been surrounded by rumors ever since the two pop stars broke up after their on-and-off relationship in 2011. The ‘Peaches’ singer then got engaged to Hailey the same year and married her in September of the same year. But we do know Selena’s hit song, Lose You To Love Me, where she slams Bieber for “replacing” her in two months.

Fans were confused then but the tension between Selena and Hailey seems to have come to light yet again. This comes after the teaser of the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast dropped on Twitter. It seems like Hailey is finally going to address the situation directly as the now-married couple was receiving flak for their unethical start to their relationship.

The podcast will be live on September 28. In the teaser clip, Alexandra asks Hailey how being married to a pop star has been. Hailey responds by saying she does not know where to begin. The podcast host continues as she questions stating that Bieber was in a public relationship and people were obsessed with them. Alexandra questions if she was romantically involved with Justin at the same time as Selena.

Fans Slam Hailey For Always Talking About Selena

Hailey expressed that she has never talked about this and shared how a lot of hate comes from ‘oh you stole him’. She goes on to say that it’s about people knowing the truth because there is one. The model has been slammed before on her and Justin’s relationship.

Although Selena did not explicitly say who her song was about, fans assume it was about Bieber. After the singer released the song, Hailey posted a screenshot of ‘I’ll Kill You’ by Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko, on her social media. Users online quickly assumed it was a response to Selena’s heartbreaking song.

However, Hailey addressed the assumption and urged people to stop because there is no response. Selena was also accused of mocking Hailey with a skincare routine but she apologized saying she does not know what she did. Turns out fans are eager to know more about the feud between the two.

A user wrote that they are excited to listen; but Hailey had previously mentioned how she wants to get over it. The user said if she wanted to move on, then she should not have gone on and talked about it. However, other users expressed that they think Hailey is obsessed with Selena, who will be releasing her documentary soon.

A fan shared that this is just two months before Selena’s documentary releases; and slammed the model for always talking about her when something important is coming out. Another fan expressed that Hailey could have spoken about anything else but she is still talking about Selena. The user further expressed that she should be talking about her makeup brand which is giving out allergic reactions.


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