H.E.R. To Play Belle In ABC’s “Beauty And The Beast” Special

ABC’s live-action Beauty and The Beast Movie have already got the casting for their beauty! Let’s find out who it is.

Earlier this month we got to know that to celebrate its 30th anniversary, ABC is planning to release a 2-hour hybrid, animated, and live-action special this December 15th. Hamish Hamilton will helm the film, his works include The little mermaid, The Disney holiday Singalong, the Queen family Singalong, and many others. He is known for making Specials.

John M. Chu, Caitlin Foito, Raj Kapoor, Hamish Hamilton, Katy Mullan & Richard Kraft will executive produce the film. The casting for Belle in Beauty and the Beast has already been decided. H.E.R, the five times Grammy Award winner has been tapped for the role of Belle. Be ready to watch the story of Belle through the eyes of H.E.R.

Through the new version, we will be able to relive the timeless story of love. Inspired by the classics it will also have some new amazing costumes and live musical performances. The music from the original classic will also be played live in front of the audience at Disney studios. Every performance will honor the iconic and magical love story of Beauty and the Beast.

Let’s have a look at what is H.E.R’s reaction to playing the role of Belle.

H.E.R says “I can’t believe I get to be a part of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ legacy. The world will see a Black Filipino Belle! I have always wanted to be a Disney princess and I get to work with two wonderful directors Hamish Hamilton and my favorite, Jon M Chu. It is very surreal and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Executive producer Jon Chu also shared a few thoughts about casting H.E.R as Belle he said, ” With her obvious extraordinary talent and stage presence, H.E.R is the perfect embodiment of our Belle and we are thrilled for audiences to see her in this celebration and activity.”

Some of the popular songs of H.E.R includes Could’ve been, Damage, Slide, Focus, Fight for you, Hard Place, Hold us together, I can’t breathe, and many more.

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