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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Relationship With Ex, Chris Martin, Is Better Than Ever

Gwyneth Paltrow opened up a little about her family life as she sat down with a longtime friend, Drew Barrymore, on her talk show.

In the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Gwyneth sat down with Drew via video call for a candid talk. Drew expressed her admiration towards Gwyneth and her successful  ‘conscious uncoupling’ from ex-husband Chris Martin.

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Chris and Gwyneth got divorced back in 2014 after 10 years of marriage. The former couple share children Apple, 16, and Moses, 14, together.

The actress opened up saying her relationship with Chris is way better now than the time they were married. She explained, “I mean it’s so interesting because in a way my divorce and my relationship with Chris now is better than our marriage was. So I do think that it can be done.”

The Iron Man alum revealed how important it is to take accountability and owning your part of failure in the relationship. She said one has to have radical accountability and one has to know that every relationship is 50/50. The actress said the accountability should be there no matter what.

Gwyneth explained, “No matter what you think, how you think you were wronged, or how bad you perceive the other persons actions, or whatever the case may be. If you are brave enough to take responsibility for your half; and really look at your own garbage and your own trauma.”

She added that we have to take responsibility no matter how your half is presenting in the world and in your relationship. The Goop founder said if that happens then “there really is somewhere to go and something to learn and something to heal.”

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“We All Are Trying Our Best”- Gwyneth

Gwyneth further explained, “We are all part good and part bad, it’s not binary, we are all grey area. We all are trying our best. I really wanted my kids to not be traumatized, if it were possible”. The mother-of-two also revealed that Chris and she had to put their kids first; even during days when they did not want to be a happy family.

The actress explained how you look the person in the eye and remember your pact. She said you hug and recommit to this new relationship that you are trying to foster. Gwyneth admitted that it is harder than it looks but the long-term goal is to nurture a sense of unity.

The Goop founder added that they have their good days and bad days but it is driving towards the sense of unity and love. She explained, “We have this idea that just because we break up; we can’t love the things about the person anymore that we loved and that’s not true.”

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Drew also co-parents her two children, daughters Olive, 7, and Frankie, 6, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. She also explained how none of them want to get it wrong for their kids because of what happened in the marriage. Charlie’s Angels alum said, “This is about their relationship with their dad and their mom, not about their relationship with your marriage.”

Drew separated from her husband back in 2016. Gwyneth is happily married to TV producer Brad Falchuk since 2018 after splitting with Chris in 2014. Meanwhile, Chris is dating Dakota Johnson since 2017 including a brief split last year.

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