Griffin Johnson Calls Out Noah Beck For Claiming Dixie D’Amelio Relationship Wasn’t “Real” News

Griffin Johnson Calls Out Noah Beck For Claiming Dixie D’Amelio Relationship Wasn’t “Real”

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Time icon August 20, 2021

The TikTok star, Griffin Johnson called out Noah Beck after he claimed that Griffin’s relationship with Dixie never seemed “real”. He also said that the two of them never had a good relationship themselves.

TikTok has given the world a handful of creators who are making the crossover to the mainstream. This makes their lives exciting to fans as they are eager to hear about their drama. The D’Amelio’s have taken the top spot as both sisters, Dixie and Charli have not been shy about sharing what they are doing.

Back when they were on their way to the top, Dixie was dating TikToker Griffin. However, the pair went their separate ways and had a messy falling out. Dixie had labelled the influencer as “immature” and claimed she had 50 screenshots that proved he cheated on her.

After the two broke up, Dixie dated Noah and they have been giving the world a lot of PDA. The couple is not shy of highlighting how obsessed they are with each other. They always have TikToks and Instagram posts about the other. The falling out of the pair with Griffin has always been over them.

Noah recently told GQ that he does not believe that Dixie and her ex had a “real” relationship. It’s no secret that Griffin and Noah are never on the same page. The TikTok star said, “But I would see the way that they were together, and I was like, this doesn’t seem like they want to be around each other, and it doesn’t seem real, to be honest.”

Noah seemingly stated that the exes never had a good relationship. But Griffin has already responded to the influencer as he made few vague tweets. The influencer wrote how LA is filled with fake people with fake personalities that will do anything to climb on top. He added seemingly telling his fans why they act surprised. Griffin stated that is why he moved out of that place.

The messy drama between the three will likely never end, given how often they poke at each other with their songs, posts, and beyond.

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