Grey’s Anatomy: Main Character May Be Dead & He His Heart Broken

Globally acclaimed medical drama is back! ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ returned for season 18 on September 30. Indeed, this show remains the longest-running medical drama series of all time. Sadly, one of the main character fate is in danger.

Lately, Meredith’s close call with COVID-19 last season, she is back and ready to save lives in season 18. The storyline of a main character left hanging in the balance in the final moments of the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ winter finale. Indeed, Link walked in on a passionate moment between Amelia and Kai. Also Read: Kourtney & Travis Relationship Will Be Featured In Kardashian Show

Early on this season, Meredith was called to Minnesota to meet with Dr. Hamilton. Who asked her to lead his efforts to cure Parkinson’s. Dr. Hamilton introduced Meredith to Dr. Kai Bartley, part of the team. While in Minnesota, Meredith crossed paths with Dr. Nick Marsh, played by Scott Speedman. Their connection was instantaneous once again.

Link is ready to make yet another declaration of love to Amelia. He’s going to go to Minnesota and tell Amelia that he loves her. He’ll even say he doesn’t need her to marry him. Jo agrees to watch Scout so Link and Amelia can spend Christmas together, but she’s clearly bummed about Link’s grand plan.

Grey’s Anatomy Cast Between A Car Crash

In Grey’s Anatomy latest episodes, Megan hasn’t left Farouk’s bedside. “If he doesn’t make it neither will I,” Megan admits to Hayes. She had to tell someone that she just won’t be able to survive if Farouk doesn’t. Megan gets great news when there’s a match for Farouk’s heart.

However, before the surgery Hamilton apologizes for his attitude towards Meredith. He’s so grateful to have her performing the surgery. Hamilton gets a little too ahead of himself. Kai tells Meredith he has a low-grade fever. Hamilton actually needs bowel surgery, so the initial surgery has to be delayed.

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