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Government of India promotes singer Bhumik Shah’s appeal to fight coronavirus

The Government of India took to their official social media handles to share a video of popular singer Bhumik Shah who is seen urging people to stay home and take precautions to fight against the coronavirus.

Bhumik Shah happens to be the first individual celebrity from Gujarat whose appeal has been promoted by the Government of India itself. In the video, Bhumik is seen washing his hands thoroughly and is urging people to stay home safely and abide by all the rule and fight against this difficult situation of worldwide pandemic.

Bhumik is a renowned vocalist with experience in folk music and Bollywood singing. His recently released song titled Meri Aarzoo which happens to be Bhumik’s first ever hindi single is crating waves online.

The music maestro enjoys a huge fan base owing to his global fandom. With more than 2000 live shows in multiple countries apart from India to creating around 200 concept based shows till date, Bhumik has always treated his fans with the performances which left an everlasting impact.

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