GOT7’s Jackson Telling Fan “I’m Chinese” After Being Greeted In Korean Draws Controversy

GOT7’s Jackson Telling Fan “I’m Chinese” After Being Greeted In Korean Draws Controversy

Jackson Wang’s provocative remark to a fan has sparked outrage among Korean followers. Idol is a more challenging job than most fans believe when they see their idol’s glitz and shine. Idols must be extremely careful with every move and word they utter, as even the tiniest detail might generate controversy. Jackson’s refusal to accept a Korean welcome has sparked outrage.

A video of Jackson conversing with a fan went popular on social media. This fan specifically addressed the male idol in Korean. Instead of responding to the fan’s excitement, he politely declined, explaining, “I’m Chinese.”

Jackson’s reaction to the Korean fan’s greeting became a major topic of debate. In the video, many people voice their displeasure with his attitude. They believe Jackson began his career as a K-pop idol, and that his act was a denial of his own origins.

GOT7 is also said to be making a comeback in the near future. Jackson’s controversial behaviour may make it difficult for Korean fans to continue to support him as a Kpop idol. Many admirers, however, defend Jackson by claiming that he was most likely joking because he is renowned for playing around with others. Most likely, the fan in the video is Chinese, but he tried to say hello to Jackson in Korean, thus Jackson wanted his fan to feel comfortable talking to him without any malice.

Some comments from netizens include, “Does he think people don’t know he’s Chinese? If he acts like this, why did he come to Korea to debut?” Another expressed, “I know it’s a joke, but it’s not funny“. Yet another user said, “Why couldn’t he say hello back to the fan in Korean? Other foreign idols happily greet their fans in Korean all the time. Jackson’s EQ sucks“.

“We can confirm that Jackson will not renew his contract”

Jackson made his acting debut in GOT7 in 2014 after training at JYP. Because of his amusing and charming attitude, as well as his fluency in both Korean and English, the male idol attracted fans during his promotions with the group in Korea. All seven members of GOT7 opted not to renew their contracts with JYP in 2021.

Team Wang is in charge of Jackson’s overseas operations. “We can confirm that Jackson will not renew his contract. He will return to the company Team Wang founded by himself and expand his activities into many fields in 2021. Jackson’s goal is to develop the global business. “

Jackson will also sign a business contract with Sublime Artist Agency. Team Wang and the Korean entertainment organisation will thus become worldwide partners, ensuring that the male star continues to work in China, Korea, and abroad. After quitting JYP, Youngjae – a member of GOT7 – joined Sublime Artist Agency.

GOT7’s return was also hinted at by BamBam not long ago. “Even if I don’t say it right now, you’ll find out afterwards.” Everything was evident as soon as the other two (Mark and JackSon) returned to Korea, right? So you people are left to your own devices,” he explained.

Jackson’s response to the Korean fans’ greetings sparked quite a commotion. Despite the fact that many individuals said he was joking, the male idol has disappointed Korean internet users.

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