Goose Goose Duck’s Number of Users Skyrockets As A Result of BTS’ Taehyung’s Influence

Whatever he touches turns to gold, fans say, And it is not surprising to see that it’s true, considering the global fame and popularity of Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS. Taehyung was recently crowned as the most Googled K-Pop artist of the year. The BTS vocalist is considered by many as the “GOAT” of K-Pop and one of its representatives faces globally. His incredibly appealing looks add to his fame as a talented singer.

The “Christmas Tree” singer is known for his humble and kind personality. Even with his booked and busy schedule, he always finds the time to connect and interact with his fans. Recently, he recently participated in a one-hour live session with fans, where he played video games with his fans. Among the several games he played was “Goose Goose Duck“.

Goose Goose Duck is apparently, “a game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission.” The game gained significant attention on social media after V’s Weverse Live. More than 8 million people from all over the world watched V’s live, and many of them found the free video game, “Goose Goose Duck” to be interesting. As a result, 10 days after V’s live broadcast, Goose Goose Duck’s number of users increased 5 times, and about 2 weeks later, it increased more than 10 times.

Fans React:

“imagine growing from 5k daily users to 90k daily users in 2 weeks!!! Unintentional influencer marketing lol”

“I’m one of the people who tried it after taes vlive it’s fun”

“Tae’s impact in all industries..just wow”

Taehyung is currently in Mexico, reportedly shooting for a reality show. He also recently traveled to Paris for a secret project. The K-Pop star is expected to make his official solo debut early next year.

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