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Good Morning Pakistan Host Nida Yasir Shares Worst Experience From Her Turkey Vacation

Nida Yasir is a well-known and reputed Pakistani television presenter, producer, and actress. Nida has appeared in various popular shows in the Lollywood industry and is certainly a household name among fans.

She is married to actor and director Yasir Nawaz and runs a production house with her husband. She also fronts the popular morning show “Good Morning Pakistan” on ARY Digital.

Nida Yasir has recently been on a holiday with her family in Turkey. During the Turkey trip, their family was traveling to all the most beautiful cities and enjoying the scenic attractions in Turkey.

What Did She Say?

After returning from vacation, Nida has shared the worst part of the trip on an episode of her show “Good Morning Pakistan”.

She told her fans that her diamond jewelry accessories were stolen from her hotel room in Istanbul.

Nida said, “Someone told us about the theft situation in Istanbul and my sister’s phone was also snatched in Istanbul that’s why I was aware and left my diamond rings and pendants in a pouch and hid it in my handbag. My handbag was in the closet of my hotel room and someone probably from the room service picked it”.

Nida also added, “on the last day of my stay I was in Istanbul police station, waiting for my turn for the registration of the complaint. However, after the submission of the report I went back to Pakistan the next day in the morning and still haven’t received my belongings back. Now I have to ask Pakistani Embassy in Turkey to to do something in the event that has happened with me .”

Nida Yasir’s Skin Care Routine

Nida Yasir recently revealed all the secrets behind her bright and impeccable skinon her morning show Good Morning Pakistan.

She shared all the skin care products she uses throughout the day.

Nida also talked about her way of prepping the face before makeup, makeup removal, cleansing face, night skin care routine, and what protein supplements are best used for skin and hair with her fans.

Nida uses a host of skin care vitamins, minerals, and lotions. Most of them are international well-known and accepted brands.

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