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Good Morning Britain Presenters Apologize After Guest John Simpson Used A Profanity On Live TV

Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley have express their apologies to the viewers following John Simpson swearing on live TB during Friday’s Good Morning Britain broadcast.

The seasoned foreign journalist/correspondent was interviewed at the ITV morning show around 0650 BST.

John Simpson Discusses His New Book

Discussing about his latest novel, the 76-year-old reminisced his experience while serving as a foreign correspondent in Beirut about a monk’s execution.

John Simpson used a profanity filled language, to which the presenter Madeley said: “Obviously we apologize to anyone who has been offended.”

Simpson said during the show that almost 80% of the events that have been talked about in his recent either happened to him or people close to him while working as foreign journalists. Simpson went on to add that the main protagonist is “is me and it isn’t”.

What Happened?

Good Morning Britain’s official Twitter handle posted a clip from the interview though it excluded the controversial abuse word. Have a look:

After Madeley asked if the manslaughter described in the book was based on real life, Simpson said:”It was me in Beirut some years ago and I was made to kneel down.

“A guy stuck a gun in the back of my neck and pulled the trigger and I thought my last moment had come.

“And then everybody laughed and I got up and I brushed off my knees and I thought, ‘I’ve got to reassert myself here’.

“So I said to the guy who had fired the gun, or hadn’t fired the gun, ‘Do you know what? You’re a real [expletive]’.”

‘You Are OK John’

Simpson raised his hands and closed his mouth after realizing his mistake, and apologized immediately.

Garraway joked she was “also in trouble now for saying that on breakfast television”.

She added: “We won’t give you a mock execution. You are OK John, you are OK.” She also apologised to viewers.

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