Goldberg ‘is done’ apologizing to Bret Hart

Bret Hart despises Bill Goldberg in general and holds the WWE Hall of Famer responsible for the end of his career. He will never, ever let any of us forget this. Goldberg has expressed regret, given himself credit for doing so, and made efforts to move on. However, Bret’s public hostility has made it difficult for Bill to sidestep the situation.

Their long real life rivalry has been talked about for so many years.

The Kick which ended Bret’s Heart

Bret Hart has never forgave Goldberg for ending his career, and The Hitman has frequently pointed out that the two-time Universal Champion cost him $16 million when he gave him a concussion that ended his career in their match at the Starrcade in 1999, in addition to calling Goldberg risky and careless.

Goldberg ended the career of an all-time great, a man whose talent is legitimately questioned. In other words, it was awful. But is all the attention it receives deserved? We would disagree. Rey Mysterio saw a man pass away. Sometimes sport is cruel. Although it’s unfortunate that a later Hart-Austin match was never held and that Goldberg’s overworked stiffness caused him to injure others—a flaw shared by others—Bret Hart’s frequent references to this occurrence undoubtedly contribute to the legend’s continued existence.

Goldberg talks about it on Jericho’s podcast

Goldberg brought up the topic once more, this time on Chris Jericho’s podcast, with whom he has since made up after having a falling out in the WCW. Although Bill expressed regret for the entire incident on Talk Is Jericho, he made it clear that if the feud with Hart ever ends, it won’t be as a result of another apology from him:

“He is a hero to each and everyone who has ever worked in this industry. There was absolutely no malice of any kind, zero, none, I’m a human like everyone else.”

”Does it bother me? I’ll take it with me to my grave, yes. But I also have to state that I’m done saying “I’m sorry,” and I feel like I’ve reached a turning point. I’ve said it a million times, and I won’t keep putting myself down anymore. I apologized and said, “If you can’t go on, then you’ve got to move on, and I’ve moved on.”

GOLDBERG’S wrestling work rate, according to Bret Hart, was “0/10.”

In an episode of his Confessions Of A Hitman series, Hart mentioned Goldberg, saying some harsh words. He claimed that Goldberg didn’t wrestle like a person who had had wrestling instruction. The Hitman then claimed that Goldberg was a “0/10” wrestler who wounded opponents even when hooking up with them.

”Goldberg was a gorilla. He was a man who no one seems to have ever taught the fundamentals of wrestling. He appeared to believe that all it took to do good wrestling was to pick up an opponent and bash him through the mat as hard as you could. But Bill has always been a person I like. His work rate in wrestling was 0 out of 10. Like, everything that he did hurt! He might become involved with you and harm you.”

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