GLOW’s Star Opens Up About Netflix’s Cancelled Show & Pitches Season 4 News

GLOW’s Star Opens Up About Netflix’s Cancelled Show & Pitches Season 4

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Time icon July 2, 2021

Betty Gilpin, star of GLOW, discusses her light pitch for season 4 and speculates on what may have happened if the show had been renewed. The Netflix series, which premiered in 2017, was based on a fictitious version of the professional wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

While the drama concentrated on professional wrestling, shedding attention on what is considered niche entertainment and including cameos from wrestlers on a regular basis, it also used the premise to examine issues of racism and misogyny. The play received a lot of positive feedback from critics, who praised the cast’s performances as well as the writing.

Season 4 Renewed

GLOW was extended for a fourth season in September 2019, which was supposed to be the final season. Netflix, on the other hand, stated in October 2020 that it had changed its renewal decision and has decided to discontinue the series. Given that GLOW would occasionally contain close and personal contact as part of a wrestling match, the streamer emphasised the difficulty of filming the show during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans were surprised and disappointed by the decision, since they had hoped for a full-length sequel. Gilpin has now revealed where Season 4 could have gone in new remarks.

Gilpin was questioned about her time on the wrestling drama during an interview with IndieWire to promote The Tomorrow War, in which she plays Emmy. Gilpin responded with a witty remark about how GLOW might return in the future. She also discussed what would have happened to Debbie Egan, her character, if the show had been able to continue.

Gilpin’s comments are also interesting in that they show that GLOW might have concluded its run without having to worry about the physical contact of professional wrestling during COVID-19 with a few tweaks. The show had already begun to change its attention away from action scenes in early episodes, focusing instead on the individuals and their inner lives and relationships.

The last season could have continued in similar spirit, giving viewers the opportunity to say their goodbyes to a world they’d grown to love. Hopefully, it will still happen at some point in the future.

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