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Giving Back with Generosity: Provision of Female Health Care by Dr.FeelGood at The Haitian Health Foundation, Jeremie for Free as Public Welfare

It is often noticed that most of the accomplished individuals around the globe seem to be quite miser when it comes to returning to society. Most of them just think that donating a few bucks will serve the cause but the reality is quite the opposite indeed. Instead of returning money to the neglected and deprived section of the society, one should offer his/her services in this regard. A living example to be considered in this direction is Dr. Mark X Lowney. He is a successful and well-known gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon for the last three decades. Starting his private clinical practice back in 1993, he has come a long way in this field. Owing to all his professional experience, he also decided to serve humanity by provision of his services for free under The Haitian Health Foundation at Jeremie. Initially founded by his father Dr. Jeremiah J. Lowney and Mother Tressa of Calcutta thirty years ago, he offers his services for free there every year. Especially female hygiene and sexual healthcare is such a neglected issue in the third world.

This is such a good trend for all the young individuals to follow as well. Nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak when the medical infrastructure of almost every nation of the world is challenged, doctors and paramedics need to offer their services for free or at least at considerable discounted rates to the deprived or economically challenged folks around them. Doing so will not only help those people but it will also add to the medical experience of those doctors and nurses.

It is quite inspirational that despite the fact that Body Modifications and Gynecology are such expensive services to offer, but still Dr. Lowney doesn’t hesitate in providing them for free. The Haitian society continues to perform charity events, free medical camps under the supervision of Dr. Lowney. In my opinion, this is the best way to remove segregation from the society i.e. by providing the rich and the poor with the same quality of medical care and attention. This needs to be done in all the other professions as well. Charity and welfare causes are not limited only to the medical field, people from all walks of life need to come forward to eradicate hunger and poverty from society. To do so you don’t need to be a millionaire at all. You can just start offering your services at discounts to those who need it just like Dr. Lowney does every year and makes the poor “FeelGood” as well.

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