Gillespie denies reports of him taking up Australia cricket's job

Gillespie denies reports of him taking up Australia cricket’s job

Jason Gillespie doesn’t have any desire to coach Australia’s men’s team while describing Justin Langer’s messy exit from the job as “heartbreaking”.
Gillespie, who is currently South Australia’s coach and a former coach of English county sides Sussex and Yorkshire, was predicted to be a potential replacement for Langer. He has reached out to former Test team-mate Langer, who quit on Saturday as Australia’s coach.
“I am not putting myself up for any job,” Gillespie told the media on Tuesday. “It’s nice to be thought of in that way but it’s certainly something I am not even thinking about entertaining.”
“Everyone has been pretty disappointed with how it has all played out – pretty heartbreaking to see, to be honest.,” Gillespie said. “But unfortunately, it is what it is. Justin has handled himself very well…the decision has been made and whatever decision they make, they make.
Gillespie on Langer quitting the job before his tenure ended
Langer’s exit from the Head Coach has been the talk of the town in Australia. It was suggested that Langer’s temper wasn’t helping his players to excel. However, when Cricket Australia addressed this issue to him, Langer was quick to work on himself. Thereafter, Australian cricket team won the T20 World Cup and the Ashes that followed after it. However, all these was still not enough for Cricket Australia to retain Langer in his role. Gillespie had a talk with his former national team-mate, and said that things could had been handled in a much better way.
“But I think everyone is of the opinion that things probably could have been handled better. He is okay. He felt he had something to offer Australian cricket. Cricket Australia felt differently. So move on, that’s part and parcel I suppose of being in professional sport and being a coach.”
“Justin will go on and do wonderful things that we all know he can,” he said. “He has done a fine job with Australian cricket the last four years and we all wish him really well because he will succeed in whatever he puts his mind to.”

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