Gilbert Arenas Says James Harden ‘Will Never Be Happy’

James Harden’s stint with the Philadelphia 76ers started in a good way, but now some concerns are being raised around the league about his style of play and how it can affect his team’s chances of winning a championship. 

It happened in Houston, then he looked completely off-colour in Brooklyn and it could be the same in Philadelphia if he fails to make make the right adjustments to his game. We’ve seen what Russell Westbrook is going through on the Los Angeles Lakers, and many analysts are predicting that James Harden could have a similar fate with the Sixers.  

Gilbert Arenas recently sat down with Paul Pierce to discuss a variety of topics around the league. 

I Don’t Know If He’s Ready To Compromise His Game: Gilbert Arenas

Talking about whatever he has seen of Harden in Sixers colours, Arenas thinks that if he doesn’t change his mentality and playstyle, he’ll never be happy, no matter in whichever team he plays. 

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