Gervonta Davis Slams Jake Paul’s Boxing Skills; Calls Him A Clown

Jake Paul has risen the influencer boxing ranks at a rapid pace. However, not everyone is convinced by the YouTuber turned boxer’s fighting skills.

While Jake Paul maintains a 4-0 professional boxing win streak and aims to extend it to 5-0 when he faces Tommy Fury in his upcoming boxing match on December 18, professional boxer Gervonta Davis thinks that he is just a ‘clown’ who has no boxing skills.

Both Jake Paul and his elder brother Logan Paul have been the talk of the influencer boxing world. However, the younger Paul brother is the one who fetches rather more attention!

‘Jake Cannot Fight’

Recently, on the Full Send podcast when Gervonta was asked about the possibility of ever fighting Jake Paul, he slammed the very thought of it. Here is what Gervonta David said:

“Jake can’t fight,” he said and also explained that if ever his team would bring such an offer to fight YouTube kid Jake Paul, he’d “laugh” at them.

“I feel like in my career I can’t do that right now. I say that because I haven’t put in enough work. I’m not a Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao or Canelo. I still have work to put in,” he explained. “That’s like me in eighth grade trying to do something to who has already done their schoolwork and sh*t.”

Will Jake Paul Vs Gervonta Davis Happen?

Gervonta Davis said that he is taking his career as a professional boxer very seriously and if he is to accept a fight with ‘clown’ Jake Paul, then it would make him a ‘joke’.

However, Gervonta Davis did say that fighting Jake Paul would be an easy knockout win but he is not down for it anytime soon.

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