Game Review: Bucks vs Heat; March 2, 2022

Game Review: Bucks vs Heat; March 2, 2022

The Milwaukee Bucks clash against the Miami Heat in Milwaukee for the 4th and last time this season before the playoffs. The game was as close as it could get with the Bucks coming from behind and winning it, 120-119.

The Bucks and Heat have gone back and forth this season with both sharing 2 wins each as they are in the same division. The matchup was a preview of what is to come in the playoffs.

The First Two Quarters

In the first quarter itself, sparks started flying in the arena with the Bucks attacking the paint and the Heat with their 3-point barrage. It is always exciting for the fans to see both teams leaving it all out on the court.

The second quarter was a bit of a struggle for the Bucks to get it going from deep as they were 30% from the 3-point line. On the other hand, the Heat were moving the ball around really well making spaces for their shooters to get easy looks from beyond the arc. Despite the absence of Kyle Lowry, the flow of their offence didn’t seem to waver.

Tyler Herro especially, has continued to prove himself this season after being ridiculed by the media and fans last season for his no show performance. His shooting both off the dribble and spot up have been remarkable as he is making almost 38% of them. It was a good decision from the Heat to keep him instead of trading him last season.

The Final Two Quarters

In the 3rd Quarter, the Bucks fought back tightening their defense and getting the ball to the Greek Freak who continued to harass Bam Adebayo and the defense in the paint. It’s no wonder he is in the MVP conversations as he put up 28 points and 17 rebounds by the end of the game.

The 4th Quarter saw the Bucks down by 14 points with under 6 minutes remaining. But then the Bucks upped their defense and Jrue Holiday took over making quick plays and buckets for the team. The Heats’ defense collapsed as they could not stop the wave of attacks and the game ended with Jrue Holiday making the last bucket for the Bucks with a tough contested layup.

The Heat despite the loss stand at 1st place in the East and the Bucks are occupying the 4th place. If the standings remain, there is a high possibility to see them matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals which would be a really intense battle as they have each shared a win in their last 2 playoff meetings and fans would get to witness an epic rivalry between the two.

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