Gable Steveson Offers a Major Update On His WWE Debut 

Gable Steveson Offers a Major Update On His WWE Debut 

Gable Steveson, an Olympic gold medallist, recently spoke with the MMA Hour. He is now entirely focused on his WWE career after resigning from amateur wrestling, and he is gathering knowledge from a variety of sources. Steveson is currently getting instruction from Paul Heyman and has an excellent working relationship with Triple H.

He remarked of Heyman, “All the time, absolutely.” “I’m in touch with everyone.” Triple H has a crush on me, and we have a fantastic relationship. He’s a fantastic individual. Nick Khan is another WWE executive. He’s also a pretty nice guy. He took a step forward. They all express a lot of love, which I think is fantastic.”

When Gable Steveson is returning?

“It’ll start the day after WrestleMania or the day after. My specific start date is at the middle of April, so I’m not sure. So they’re allowing me to continue my education. They’re letting me do my thing, and Monday Night Raws would either arrive very soon or very soon afterwards. But I’m planning on getting on TV and into the ring on TV as soon as possible. After WrestleMania, likely the next.” The actual start date of Gable Steveson is still uncertain. However, it has been speculated that he will be present for WrestleMania 38 weekend, which he has confirmed.

Gable Steveson is not expected to follow his brother to NXT. However, it’s likely that he’ll make his main roster debut, which he confirmed.

On missing NXT, he added, “As of right, I’m not, I believe so.” “I think NXT is a fantastic show. Because my brother is on NXT, I enjoy watching and tuning in, and he’s doing a fantastic job down there. So I believe the objective was for me to go to Monday Night Raw and actually produce myself and be myself on TV right there.” 

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