Gabbie Hanna Claims Pete Davidson Should Date Her Instead Of Kim Kardashian

Gabbie Hanna Claims Pete Davidson Should Date Her Instead Of Kim Kardashian

Gabbie Hanna is vying to be Pete Davidson’s next love interest. The controversial YouTuber said the comedian-actor was her “attainable celebrity crush” in a series of TikTok videos.

The internet has been shocked to learn that the SNL comic is now dating reality star, Kim Kardashian. This comes after she and her husband, Kanye West, divorced. Gabbie Hanna’s dating past hasn’t piqued the interest of internet users, who appear to be more interested in her “attention-seeking” antiques. However, Payton Saxon, the content creator’s long-term lover, has spoken out about their breakup.

The social media star posted a brief video with the caption “When I found out Pete Davidson pretended to date Kim Kardashian.” The following was the caption for the same video:

“Come on pete you’ve been my celebrity crush since 2015 ditch the superstars and date a loser like me for a change of pace #arianagrande #petedavidson #kanyewest #kimkardashian #gabbiehanna.”

Davidson’s current relationship, according to the New Castle, Pennsylvania native, is “a front to distract people from the Travis Scott concert”. Gabbie Hanna advocated for herself to date Davidson in a video in which she was seen wearing a bathrobe and wearing a face mask. She “deserves the honour of being Pete Davidson’s next girlfriend,” according to the creator.

Gabbie said in the video:

“Reason #1: I saw him first. I’ve been crushing on Pete since 2015 before it was trendy. Before Ariana Grande started dating him. Reason #2: not only are we both mentally ill, we have also had extreme public mental breakdowns, which I know we aren’t supposed to romanticize mental illness, but it’s a little romantic, don’t you think?”

Gabbie Encourages Pete To Reach Down To Her

She further continued saying that another reason is that they both are fans of the Kardashians. The influencer went on to list that she is ready to leave LA and go to him and that they both hate social media. She further said, “…if this video somehow found itself on your radar, I encourage you, stop reaching for the stars and reach down to a washed down f**k up like me.”

Gabbie Hanna’s video clips are ambiguous as to whether she was serious. At the time of writing, Pete Davidson had not commented on the same.

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