Gabb Wireless: The Tech Start-Up That Helps Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time with a Phone for Kids

Gabb Wireless: The Tech Start-Up That Helps Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time with a Phone for Kids

In a year of unforeseen challenges on both an economic and interpersonal level, Americans are realizing – now more than ever – the importance of maintaining solid mental and physical health. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, screen time has skyrocketed on a global level. With much of society’s work and school life now taking place online, screen time averages clock in at 13 plus hours a day. With this distressing realization, many parents are starting to take a closer look at how they can reduce their children’s screen time and optimize other healthy extra curricular activity. 

One Northern California based up-and-coming tech startup is blazing the trail when it comes to raising healthy, well-rounded children: Gabb Wireless. Inspired by his own personal experience with his own son, Gabb Wireless Founder Stephen Dalby recently developed a first-of-its-kind cell phone for kids. After realizing the downside of giving his son a smart phone with far too much capability and access to the Internet, Dalby decided to design a phone that served the essential needs of a kid’s phone. With parents buying their kids their first phone younger and younger, Dalby saw how a phone that only functioned as a form to communicate via talk, text and GPS would not only be perfect for young children, but also appropriate. 

With zero access to a browser or the Internet, the Gabb Wireless phone is designed to encourage kids to spend time doing something other than scrolling through social media and the web. Gabb’s phone is the gateway to giving your child a healthy, happier, more well rounded life. With fewer distractions from your child’s device, he or she will be afforded the quality time they need to focus on things like sports, outdoor activities, musical instruments, art, music, literature and more. Kids that have used the Gabb Wireless phone attest that unlike much of the world, they see the importance in unplugging and moving away from this culture of constant screen time. Recently, the company’s brand ambassador Kelana Humphrey openly validated the phone as it has helped him focus on his sports and extra curricular activities.

“I like Gabb because I’m not even tempted to waste time on my phone,” Humphrey, the nationally ranked 12-year-old motocross racer, said. 

As studies continue to reveal the negative impact of devices and online time in a massive demographic of children, the solution is clear. With less access to phones, social media and the Internet, children lead happier, healthier lives. Earlier this year, Netflix’s hit documentary “The Social Dilemma” revealed that even the integral employees at big tech and social media companies are starting to limit or even prohibit their own children from engaging online and with social media. Despite the meteoric rise of the digital age, now more than ever, people are starting to reassess the value of the Internet and first and foremost, many have begun to rethink the role that technology and the web will play in their children’s lives.  

“Kids are happier when they are out playing with friends, developing talents, and connecting with humans, not sitting alone in a locked room swiping a screen,” says Gabb Wireless founder, Stephen Dalby. 

To learn more about Gabb Wireless and their latest innovations, visit their website

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