John Zhang

From Luxari to WealthGap, here’s how Entrepreneur John Zhang created his multi-millions empire

A lot of millennials dream of starting a business from ground-up. However, not many know where to start or which path to take. Some stumble upon the entrepreneurial world’s roadblocks, whilst others, despite the setbacks, find their feet eventually. On the surface, building a business might seem glamorous, but when successful serial entrepreneurs like John Zhang narrate the insights on what it actually takes, what needs to be done right, and how to push past challenges to build a multi-million worth empire, we understand the real gravity of the scenario that comes along with it. 

Today, the 27-year-old entrepreneur spearheads two of his most in-demand businesses, Luxari – a real estate startup, and WealthGap – a robo-advisory startup that explores AI in hedge funds-like portfolios. Zhang said his ‘low-investment’ business ideas struck him when he was just a teenager who always dreamt of building wealth and refused to settle for anything ‘mediocre.’ When speaking on what prompted him to establish and scale his two businesses, Zhong shared, “Since the early years of my education, I knew I was never cut out for a nine to five job. But back then, I had no clarity on how I was going to go about it since I had no role model, nor had anyone in my family ever run a business. All I knew was I shouldn’t give up until I attained my goals. And that’s when the thought of helping wealthy international students in Manhattan to rent or buy properties took birth; thus, Luxari was born. In a short span, I understood the tricks of the trade and immediately financed a McLaren to advertise at college campuses. This way, I was able to make 5000 dollars in less than 20 minutes for a deal, which further multiplied as time passed.” 

He further elaborated, “Luxari was like a stepping stone for WealthGap. Whilst framing the business model for this financial advisory firm, the only objective I had in my mind was to create a platform that would help people invest in the best financial products and thereby grow their wealth to live a life of their dreams. And so, my determination and passion for finding the success I craved, aided in reaching my goals.”

Looking back at his entrepreneurial journey, Zhang’s advice to those in the early years of their business remains to take enough time to bed down the foundation of the venture well. He also suggests avoiding trying to go all out too quickly. The start of his own establishment, Luxari, took place when he felt that the industry of real estate was dying since the internet had made listings way too transparent and that the immigrant students were on a constant lookout for apartments. Soon, by leveraging the power of relationships and trust he had built with his clients through Luxari, Zhang expanded his portfolio of services and became the financial advisor cum dealer that the students needed. 

Now, after years into the business world, Zhang treasures the rewards of entrepreneurship, which in his opinion, come in the form of freedom – to work, to have a preferred schedule, and to lead as per one’s own style. Despite these perks, he even firmly affirms that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and only those willing to give up on their comfort and convenience can sustain success. 

Looking at Zhang’s journey, it can certainly be said that his persistence truly paid off, and his goals seem attained! 


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