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French Montana disses Swae Lee over ‘Unforgettable’ Swae Lee responds

French Montana is back at it talking down fellow rappers and this time his target is Swae Lee. French Montana talks about the Swae Lee single, Unforgettable being unstructured.

Talking in an interview, French Montana said, “I have one of the best A&R ears.” He further added, “You think ‘Unforgettable’ came to me like that before it went out? It was nothing like that. It didn’t have no structure, I had to sit there like a scientist and put it together.”

When Swae Lee caught wind of Montana’s comments and they didn’t sit well with him. Lee took to Instagram where he let it be known that French’s comments were “cap.”

Swae Lee also told his Twitter followers that he has the original version of the song and it would prove that the single was sent to Montana with a backbone.

“Unforgettable” was a hit amongst the audience soon after its release. The song went on to become 8x platinum.

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