Founder/Producer Danishh Kak of  “Yellow Sky Music” Reveals How The Concept Of Filming The Song ‘Corona Vargi’ Happened Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak News

Founder/Producer Danishh Kak of “Yellow Sky Music” Reveals How The Concept Of Filming The Song ‘Corona Vargi’ Happened Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

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Time icon March 27, 2020

The world is under the threat of the deadly epidemic called COVID-19. The deadly contagious virus is spreading at a rapid pace and has taken the lives of many people. India too has come under the grip of the pandemic as the number of people being tested for coronavirus is increasing day after day. Amidst all the situation, many people on social media are doing their bit of making people aware of the fatal disease. While some are posting informative content, some are creating memes to let people know about the deadly virus. Yellow Sky Music, a production house has come up with a song titled ‘Corona Vargi’ which is sung by Yash Wadali and features Sakshi Maggo.

Directed by Roy, ‘Corona Vargi’ is produced by Sunil Jain. The song which released on March 21, 2020, has already garnered more than 140K views on YouTube and still counting. Associate producer Danishh Kak for this project in an exclusive conversation speaks about how they came up with the song, the thought behind the song and much more.

Check out the interview below:

Q: What moved you to come up with the song ‘Corona Vargi’?

A: For the last few days everyone in the country and world is worried and tensed about the coronavirus. Just to make people chill and make them smile, we came out with this thought of making a song. It is a very sensitive situation and people should not panic about it.

Q: COVID-19 is a pandemic and a very sensitive issue. What’s the thought behind the song?

A: Yes! We all understand that COVID-19 is a very serious issue at this moment. It is spreading like anything. In this song, we have tried to entertain people and the guy is saying to the girl that your beauty is killing all the boys just the way the deadly virus is killing the world.

Q: How was your experience while shooting for the song?

A: The experience was much of a fun. We had very less time to do the shoot. We did not have much equipment to shoot the song. It was really good to see everyone co-operating with each other and shooting the song in very less time.

Q: How much time did it take for you to shoot the song?

A: We did not have much time to shoot the song. Honestly, the virus spread like a wildfire and it is still spreading like crazy. It took just 6 hours to shoot the song and we did it with all the precautions. All the safety measures were taken and we made sure to not shoot the song in any crowded or public place.

Q: How did the concept of ‘Corona Vargi’ come to your mind?

A: It was Jaskit Singh Dham and Yash Wadali’s concept to do a song on Coronavirus. Yash called (Roy) at midnight and discussed the idea. Very quickly Yash made the track and called Preet at night only to write the lyrics. He dubbed the song early morning and then we decided the casting and the choreography. The shoot happened the same day and it took 1 day to edit the song and do the DI and VFX.

Q: Any piece of advice for all the viewers out there?

A: I would advice all the viewers to stay back at home and spend quality time with your family. If it’s not urgent, please don’t go outside. Do productive things at home, workout at home and be positive. Spend your isolation time and listen to ‘Corona Vargi’ (laughs).

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