Fortnite v19.10 latest updates and tilted towers come back:

Epic Games has launched the Fortnite Battle Royale v19.10 update, which restores a popular spot to the map. Tilted Towers have returned to the landscape, along with enormous dinosaur beasts known as Klombos, in the most recent update. Read more to find out!

Tilted Towers:

The snow that had previously covered Tilted Towers has finally melted, revealing the location, which has been renovated to match the rest of Chapter 3 Island. Build on top of the renowned clock tower, break into residences, stop by eateries, battle it out in the subterranean parking garage, storm No Sweat Insurance’s office, and more on your urban adventure with this legendary POI from Fortnite’s past. After being destroyed by a volcano 990 days ago, it has finally returned.

Grenade Launcher:

The Grenade Launcher has also returned with improved responsiveness! After their first bounce, projectiles can now burst and fire straight at your target. These can be found in Rare Chests, Supply Drops, and… sharks.


A new creature is stirring as it awakens from its winter slumber beneath the snow. But have no fear, these colossal dinosaurs known as Klombos are rather friendly. Klombos, who has been leaking under the codename Butter Cake since the beginning of Chapter 3, has finally been discovered patrolling the Island. Do you require a rapid rotation? To get dino-style yeeted, climb up their tail to the blowhole on their heads. When a Klombos has consumed enough food, it will sneeze forth loot. Klomberries are its favourite snack. These can be found in bushes and can be used to heal players. Have you ever provoked a Klombo? Klomberry is the best way to calm it down.

Bug Fixes:

Spider-Web-Shooters were frequently halted after players swung onto web bouncers, it is now fixed. When participants attempted to join a match as a spectator, they received the error Network Connection Lost. The opportunity to join a match as a spectator has also been re-enabled and this issue has been resolved. Epic Games has also fixed a problem that caused healing from resting in a Tent to be disabled. The ability to heal when sleeping in a Tent has also been restored. We were forced to disable DLSS for DirectX 11 due to a bug. DLSS for DirectX 11 has been reactivated.

Fixed an issue where Daily Quests were not visible after returning from non-core mode.

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