Fortnite Is Seemingly Teasing An Event With Eminem

Fortnite is reportedly gearing up for an Eminem event and fans’ are not yet sure about it. Fortnight is one of the biggest action games in the E-sports world. Although it’s quite entertaining and popular with its participants, it’s also used as a tool for marketing and social gatherings.

The game has previously collaborated with many franchises like marvel, Fortnight, Disney, and other franchises. Even Christopher Noland launched the trailer for his major hit movie from 2020 Tenet using the game as the platform. The game’s production house Epic games have also held concerts for many artists like Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott.

However, the game only conducted this concert for entertainment purposes. Now given such high recognition and being a beloved game it would be sufficient o say that the game company is back with another event from the god of rapper Eminem.

Eminem X Fortnite

Fans have been noticing lately that the game radio has been playing many Eminem tracks including venom which comes from the marvel movie of the same name. As of now, no one has realized what this actually means but fans are speculating it as a new collab. The list of Eminem songs being played, which was uploaded by Twitter user HypeX, is rather long, making it highly unlikely that this is just some strange coincidence.

Considering that the game has a history of staging concerts for many artists, it won’t be too much to expect that Eminem is going to host a significant musical event in the game.

In addition Epic games is also hinting towards a possible Dragon Ball event as well for Fortnite. So it seems promising that Fortnight will have exciting things for fans. However, no confirmation has been given from the company. But fans, can look forward some exciting things coming in the future.

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