Fortnite Announces New Collab With Dragon Ball Super, New Islands, And Items Revealed

Fortnite is collaborating with Dragon Ball Super. Epic Games and Dragon ball Super have come together for staging the biggest crossover event.

Even Christopher Noland launched the trailer for his major hit movie from 2020 Tenet using the game as the platform. The game’s production house Epic games have also held concerts for many artists like Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott.

Last week we got a report saying that the game will be holding an event with Eminem by staging a concert for him. However, the game only conducted this concert for entertainment purposes. But no confirming report has been stated by the game company Epic games for the same.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z

This event will bring our favorite action anime characters Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus to the game version. This collab would mean that many items from the franchise will be seen in this new collab.

Photo Credit: Epic Games and Toei Animation

Dragon Ball islands, game quests, and much more game items will be seen in the new battle. Epic Games earlier announced that there were some plans previously added to the game. It has also revealed that fans will find out in August what will be there in the new collab.

The new collab will be including the following, Dragon ball Items shop, Power Unleashed quests, Battle With Versus Boards, Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, Tournament of Power, and Dragon Ball Adventure Island. Indeed it looks promising and exciting for the fans. Adventure Island will be beginning on August 19, 2022.

Players can create their own food at Goku’s house, navigate an obstacle course at the Room of Spirit & Time and take a ring course on a Nimbus Cloud at kami’s place. In addition to that fans can also test their power at the open player-vs-player battle game arena “Tenkaichi Budokai”.

The new version of the game will be released soon. This is a great time to hype up this news , as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be hitting the big screen on August 19th.

It would be exciting to see our favorite anime hero Goku to live in this action based gameplay.

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