Former YG Trainee Reveals Insider Details on BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa’s Dorm Life

The recent status of former YG Entertainment trainee Heo Yoo Jung has been revealed, shedding light on her experiences living with the sensational girl group BLACKPINK during their trainee days. In a video uploaded on the YouTube channel “Recent Status Olympics,” Heo Yoo Jung shared fascinating insights into the dorm life she shared with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa, showcasing their talent, kindness, and personal growth.

Recalling her time at the YG Entertainment dormitory, Heo Yoo Jung expressed her admiration for Jisoo’s development as an artist. She remarked, “I lived in the same dorm with the members, and they were all so nice. I took lessons with Jisoo. Looking at her recently released album, her face is the same, but her skills have improved a lot. She was originally pretty. I’m glad she’s doing well.” Jisoo’s dedication and progress impressed Heo Yoo Jung, validating the hard work and determination that BLACKPINK’s oldest member has put into her craft.

Heo Yoo Jung also reminisced about her time spent with Lisa, praising the Thai rapper and dancer for her exceptional talent. She disclosed, “I also went to New York to learn dancing while being a trainee. Lisa is the best dancer I’ve ever seen. Lisa cooked for me at the dorm when she came back from Thailand.” Lisa’s skills and hospitality left a lasting impression on Heo Yoo Jung, showcasing the multifaceted talents of the global superstar.

Expressing her fondness for all the members, Heo Yoo Jung emphasized their beauty and kindness, painting a heartwarming picture of the BLACKPINK members as not only talented artists but also as genuinely good-hearted individuals. Despite her own journey as a trainee not culminating in a debut with the group, Heo Yoo Jung expressed unwavering support for BLACKPINK, stating, “I’m always rooting for them in my heart.”

Following her time as a trainee, Heo Yoo Jung faced her own challenges and eventually debuted with the girl group Bob Girls in 2014. However, the group disbanded after eight months, leading her to pursue further education. Heo Yoo Jung’s perseverance paid off as she entered university at the age of 27 and graduated with top honors. Currently studying content management at Chung-Ang University’s Graduate School of Culture and Arts Management, she aims to improve the trainee environment based on her firsthand experiences.

Heo Yoo Jung has also embarked on a career as an exhibition planner and is actively involved in various projects. Notably, she was named a co-planner for the promotion exhibition of Taeyeon’s 3rd album. Passionate about creating a warm and inclusive environment for all, Heo Yoo Jung recently established Souju Company and serves as its director.

With her multifaceted pursuits, Heo Yoo Jung continues to make strides in both her academic and professional endeavors, drawing from her past experiences as a trainee to make a positive impact. As fans cherish her insights into BLACKPINK‘s dorm life, they eagerly anticipate the future successes of both Heo Yoo Jung and the beloved K-pop superstars she once shared a home with.

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