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Former WWE Writer Admits He Was Terrified of Vince McMahon

The WWE creative team included Jimmy Jacobs from 2015 to 2017. Jacobs’ departure from WWE, however, may be what people remember him for more than anything else after he shared a picture of himself with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks from the Bullet Club during the Being the Elite invasion of WWE Raw.

Jacobs revealed in an exclusive interview with that he was dealing with several other issues before his termination, in addition to being fired for publishing photos of performers who were not employed by WWE. The former WWE writer admitted that, toward the end of his employment, he was in the dog house with Vince McMahon and thought he was one weird interaction with Vince away from being let go.

Regarding his tenure with WWE, Jacobs said, You just begin to behave in a way to try not to get fired, and then your ideas become ideas in an effort not to get fired. Pretty soon, you have a large group of players who are playing to avoid losing rather than to succeed. Vince wasn’t just a part that surprised me. Hunter is a dude; he is a good dude. Although Hunter and I don’t always agree on everything, you could pitch the idea to him and ask, Hey, Hunter, what do you think about this? What if we took this course of action?

Jacobs discussed his time with WWE

You can talk to him that way, whether he likes it or not. Although Vince wasn’t that way, he is a legend, so Jacobs discussed his time with WWE by mentioning how he first began to understand in his first year why somebody wouldn’t want to operate here. When I first arrived, it was like a dream come true, but now, a year later, Jacobs admitted, I’m scared of Vince. When I examine something, I think, Oh, this is a very specific thing we do here.

WWE is a very specific organization, so whenever I heard of guys quitting, being fired, or choosing not to resign with them, I used to wonder, What are you doing? People would argue that I’m pleased now that I’m not there, but there is nowhere else to go; WWE is the place to be. What are you talking about? I kept asking myself. After about a year, I noticed that they were correct. However, the former WWE writer did claim that WWE was the place to be if you were only concerned with making money at the time.

Jacobs expressed his gratitude for leaving WWE, regretting not doing so in a more adult-like manner. But he remained glad nonetheless because the job was uncomfortable for him. By the time it was all over, Jacobs claimed, I couldn’t even speak in front of Vince; I couldn’t even pitch an idea. Every time I spoke there, I felt so stupid. He recalled fighting with his boss after pitching a segment involving Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens and wishing he could have been on a farm rather.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.