Former WWE Referee thinks AEW now should Stop Mentioning WWE In their Promos

Jimmy Korderas, a former referee for WWE, thinks All Elite Wrestling (AEW) should stop bringing up WWE in their Promos.

Korderas used Twitter to share his most recent “ReffinRant,” in which he talked about MJF’s last week’s AEW advertisement. Throughout the promo, MJF made multiple allusions to the WWE and stars like Triple H. In fact, MJF teased signing with WWE in 2024 when his AEW contract expires and seemed to promote WWE as being vastly superior to AEW, which seemed a little odd given that they were on AEW TV.

Lessons should be learnt from WCW

Korderas advises AEW to quit discussing WWE after witnessing WCW’s demise due to similar decisions.

He quoted –

“I know I’ve talked about this before, but when you strive to expand your business in the future, you don’t want to make the same mistakes that others have before you. There has been much discussion on the MJF promo from Wednesday night: yeah, he was excellent on the mic and hammered home, but all those references to the other company, The Game, and other such things were distracting.”

“It gets the other firm a lot of attention. Particularly coming from one of your biggest performers, who is known to the audience for all of his “behind-the-curtain” activities, including reaching out to the other side or them, and engaging in all of this sort of activity. Look, ignore the other team. That was this company right here [WCW]’s biggest mistake when they were competing with the WWE—they didn’t ignore them, they kept making references to them. Ignore them, continue doing what you’re doing, and expand your clientele that way.”

WWE has been mentioned in promos by other celebrities than MJF. Numerous other celebrities have alluded to the rival promotion and its stars, including CM Punk. It will be fascinating to watch in the future to see if AEW takes Korderas’ advise.

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Why MJF Tweeted About WWE SmackDown Star & The Bloodline?

After the most recent SmackDown programme, AEW Star MJF responded to The Bloodline, and he appeared to enjoy it. Following the assistance in helping Roman Reigns defend his belts against Drew McIntyre at Clash at The Castle, Solo Sikoa was officially welcomed into The Bloodline this week. The Usos entered the ring with Honorary Uce Sami Zayn and made promos about defeating McIntyre and honouring their master Roman. They then introduced Sikoa, the street champion and newest member, who had also made a promo for himself.

The WWE Universe was unaware that this heel faction was being followed by a hidden admirer, though. And Maxwell Jacob Friedman, also known as the Salt of the Earth, was there. During their segment, he tweeted an emoji in response to them. It was an emoji of the Usos’ “We the Ones” sign, which is an index finger pointing skyward.

He constantly addressed WWE and its superstars as well as management in his unconventional scandalous promos before too. He has frequently made hints about leaving the team and joining WWE. The star of Pinnacle continued his avant-garde antics on Dynamite this past Wednesday as well.

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