WWE SmackDown

Former NXT Champion Makes Surprising WWE SmackDown Return 

Karrion Kross and Scarlett Johansson’s hourglass in WWE is once again full. During the closing moments of Friday night’s SmackDown, the two-time former NXT Champion and his longtime manager and real-life wife made an unexpected return to the company. The final segment of SmackDown popped up to be a simple verbal brawl among Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns or his Clash at the Castle title challenger Drew McIntyre.

Reigns spoke briefly in the ring before being cut off by McIntyre’s music. With his microphone in hand, the former WWE Champion walked down the entrance aisle. McIntyre proclaimed he was ready to fight right then and there, but he was cut off by Kross’ Fall and Pray entrance. Scarlett’s silhouette was seen waiting in front of the entry stage.


McIntyre turned and left her, but he was caught off guard by Kross, who emerged to attack from the crowd. McIntyre was taken down by Kross, who repetitively bashed his head against the metal ring steps. All of this occurred as Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions battled. From inside the ring, the Usos watched. Kross’ outfit bore no similarity to what he wore on WWE television during his final days with the company. Kross was dressed casually instead of in a helmet and mask.

Scarlett decided to join him at ringside and set up a full hourglass on the ring apron, the first grains of sand just beginning to flow as SmackDown ended. From early 2020 to November 2021, Kross started working for WWE. He was a dominant force in NXT, having won the NXT Championship 2 times, but his momentum was abruptly halted when he was called up to WWE’s main roster.

Triple H

In his debut match on Raw, he was famously defeated by Jeff Hardy. Before WWE released him and Scarlett last November, his character underwent numerous creative changes. According to reports, they would be returning to the corporation under the artistic input of Paul Triple H Levesque.

Tony Nese, an AEW star, has spoken out about Triple H taking over WWE creative. Operating for him is awesome, Nese said during a Facebook Live while signing autographs on Captain’s Corner. From what I’ve learned from talking with him, I believe he’s ideal for the job, and many others agree. I don’t understand much because it’s above my pay grade. I like his fashion, and I liked the black and yellow NXT. It really doesn’t seem to be the same people for as long as the booking style is retained.

Nese made his WWE debut in the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. He eventually lost in the second round to Brian Kendrick and signed with the company shortly after. He’d make sporadic performances on Raw before becoming a regular on Triple H’s 205 Live. Nese would win the Cruiserweight Championship from Buddy Murphy on the WrestleMania 35 pre-show and hold it for 77 days prior to actually losing it to Drew Gulak at Stomping Grounds.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.