Former Indian Idol Host Mini Mathur Explains Why She Would Never Return On The Show News

Former Indian Idol Host Mini Mathur Explains Why She Would Never Return On The Show

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Time icon June 7, 2021

Mini Mathur, who was the host of the popular music reality show ‘ Indian Idol for the six seasons of the show has said that she would not want to return as a host.

Currently, Indian Idol is in its twelfth season and is hosted by Aditya Narayan.

‘Can’t Be Handling A Toddler Again’

Mini hosted an ‘Ask Me’ session on social media. Someone asked, ” well, If there was a chance you would be the host of Indian Idol would you return at the moment?”

Replying to the fan, she said, “Gave birth to it, turned it into an adult and let it fly. Can’t be handling a toddler again.”

The last year, one if her Instagram posts have highlighted the kindness of her ‘Indian idol’ days.

Mini Mathur’s Indian Idol Experience

“Indian idol was India’s first reality show….None of us had any idea that it would capture India’s imagination and go on to be a rage! I was straight out of 5 years as an MTV VJ, I had just delivered Vivaan… I was totally up to host a new international format but completely unprepared for being so emotionally involved with the show. Because it was a first at so many levels- pure, organic, truthful, naked. There was no pretension, no gimmicks or manipulation,” she wrote.

Mini said she was “always chased by people who were interested in learning more about the participants of the show,” and travelling across the country to meet people with touching stories. “I connected with truck drivers, farmers, students, vegetable sellers, housewives at the same time as A-list stars, music maestros and celebrities. I was the receptacle to the great indian ‘HOPE’. In a lot of ways .. I discovered a whole new side of myself with the 6 seasons I hosted,” she said.

Recently, the Indian Idol show became the centre of the controversy during Kishore Kumar tribute episode. Amit Kumar was a guest judge on the show and Amit says that, he did not enjoy the episode and simply followed the makers’ instructions to praise all the contestants.

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