Forbes Monaco Emerges As A Powerhouse New Media Outlet In Europe

Publishing has gone through an evolution, and though today trending stories are shared via Instagram and text messages, leading publishing houses remain the same, with Forbes at the forefront. From editorial stories to breaking news in finance, technology, entertainment, and beyond, the media powerhouse operates on the pillars of trust, quality, and ingenuity. As an international publication with various branches, each one adds its own distinct character to the tried and true formula. In keeping with the opulent atmosphere of Monaco, Forbes Monaco marries the reputation of the principality with the unparalleled standards of the publishing empire to consistently deliver exceptional content to its vast audience.

The combination of Forbes and Monaco renders incredible events and exclusive editorials that none of the other editions can match. After all, where else in the world is there such a high concentration of billionaires and luxury? Though rather small, the principality is home to the highest concentration of UHNWIs on the planet, with 200 + billionaire residents—a number that’s projected to double in the near future—1 in 3 residents are millionaires compared to 1 in 28 in London, and 1 in 56 residents has assets totaling at least $30 million. 90 UHNWIs move to Monaco every year, creating a unique market that Forbes Monaco captures with its elevated brand.

Forbes Monaco is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Luiz Costa Macambira, Swiss lawyer Piere Antoine Racine, and Dutch businesswoman Irina Sak. The group of friends was right on the money when they saw a match made in heaven between the powerhouse media brand name and the glamorous principality. Lead by Luiz Costa Macambira, Forbes Monaco quickly became one of the most influential and powerful media companies in the region. The entrepreneur frequently lunches with local billionaires and socializes with business and entertainment leaders. Just like Luiz, the local community understands that this “heavenly” match has created a powerful and unrivaled tool that can be leveraged for promotions, launches, and the development of brands and individuals. The unbeatable association of Forbes and Monaco is synonymous with success, which has landed the publication with access to various exclusives.“Many entrepreneurs, who are notorious for avoiding the media, clearly show their change of heart by giving interviews and sharing never-before-seen content to Forbes Monaco,” explains Luiz.

Much like the illustrious country, the publication attracts a constellation of stars and entertainment personalities who not only read it but often make guest appearances as contributing writers. From the “crème de la crème” of European royalty to heirs of iconic brand names and industries, Forbes Monaco continues to attract an elite audience and naturally, the same caliber of advertisers. It has been said that Monaco is the most exclusive club in Europe, and if that’s the case, then Forbes Monaco is the exclusive magazine of that very club.

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